The Best US Online Poker for Android

AndroidIn you are serious about playing great legal online poker games on the go, and are currently looking for a decent cell, the Android platform might be the best portable device to invest in.

With Apple stubbornly refusing to allow any application in their App Store that allows someone to play real money online poker in 2018, that means the way is open for new Android online poker sites to clean up. As a USA Android consumer, that puts you in the driving seat.

So, why is Android so hot for poker websites right now? Well, the good news is that, simply, the Android operating system allows a user to download and install third party applications - including online poker apps - free from any App Store restrictions. Legally, the phone is yours and you can alter the Android operating system to allow yourself the ability to plug in third party applications, such as Flash software from your favorite poker Internet site.

While our staff at is a mixed bag of both Apple and Android lovers, we all have one thing in common - we love to put in some hands at the online tables from the comfort of our front rooms while holding a smartphone!

On this page we will look at:

  • How Android has changed the playing field for poker online
  • Whether Android devices are a legit alternative to the competition
  • If USA players can log on legally and play in real cash games online
  • Advantages of playing on the latest Android cell
  • Disadvantages of playing Texas Hold'em on an Android tablet or smartphone
  • Where you can play safely and securely on the net

How Android Changed the Game

The biggest advantage Android has over iOS is the ability to install third party programs outside the auspices of an app store. Anyone sporting a smartphone or tablet with this OS can download and install a poker client and hop on for some quick card game action. Poker rooms are not at the mercy of any company if they develop an Android app and make it available to their customers; they can simply build a piece of software and make it freely available to anyone, which is completely legal.

Are Android Devices Legit?

If you have only been listening to the propaganda that the hipster competition spouts off, you are probably not aware that Android devices are just as good, if not better, than anything else on the market. Samsung and other vendors rate just as high as Apple in customer satisfaction, and their Galaxy line of smartphones have won numerous awards. If you haven't checked out one of these top devices, or their tablet counterparts, head to your local electronics superstore and check them out - you won't be disappointed.

Can Americans Log in and Play Real Money Poker?

American AndroidIn some states the situation is pretty good, such as New Jersey and Nevada where the law regarding legal poker online has been passed or is in the process of going through. Other states, such as Washington, have written into law forbidding players from legally playing in a card game on the Internet. Some places, meanwhile, remain in a kind of dead zone, but in 2018 the law has been interpreted by legal experts to state that the government targets payment processors primarily and not individual poker players.

Advantages of Android Smartphones and Tablets

Many of the advantages this platform provides have been discussed already. Those non-specific to the platform include the ability to take your favorite poker sites with you wherever you go in the United States. Because these devices work anywhere in the USA, players can simply hop on their cell network and get the bandwidth they need to jump into games at top Android poker sites.

Disadvantages of Playing on an Android Device

While you might be able to download any app and install it on your Android device, you have to be very cautious about where you get that program from. If it is coming from a malicious source, you could be installing malware into your tablet or smartphone and cause a ton of damage. Be careful! However, the Android poker sites we recommend in our guide are all safe, and we make sure we test everything on a new site - they wouldn't be on our list otherwise.

How to Figure Out Where to Play

When you consider someone's opinions, what do you look for? Years of experience, that's what! The team at is a group of online poker veterans who have worked in the poker industry for years. Not only that, but we are avid online poker players too. Our comparisons are unrivaled as we know make makes for a top notch site, including factors like safety and security, fast payments, great bonuses, good traffic, excellent customer service, and top bonuses.

We Find the Best Android Online Poker Sites!

Don't waste time trying to find a USA poker site that's right for your Android. We take the guesswork out of deciding which of the many Android poker sites to play on and our ratings only include the very best. Browse our pages and click on any one of the links within our superb guide - in minutes you will be playing, and winning, on a great Android poker site from the comfort of your front room.