Real Money Poker Sites For US Players

Real MoneyReal money poker games are at the heart of legal debates in the poker industry in America in 2018.

For the last dozen years, players in the United States have been enjoying Texas Hold'em online, but they're swimming in murky legal waters by doing so, and until recently they had no absolute safe haven to operate within.

Now, in 2018, real money games for US currency are a reality in America, with funds that were frozen after Black Friday available once again, and others in the process of getting a payment any month now. With the financial situation improving for these players, the next step is to get back online playing for real money. Luckily, some states are moving to offering those games right now.

Here at, we monitor the real money legal situation for all 50 states to save you time and get you back playing ASAP.

You Can Play On the Net for Real Money Now!

Playing poker online for real money is legally acceptable in states like Nevada and New Jersey. For other states, the situation isn't so clear, but momentum continues to build toward the federal government allowing US currency to be used at real money sites. While some sites taking dollars are legit, there are others out there that are operating in slightly grayer areas.

Know where you stand, stay safe, and ensure your bank funds aren't going to disappear by following our expert guide:

  • Find the best real money online poker sites
  • We only pick sites with the best security measures in place
  • Get the very best deposit bonuses
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Playing Real Money Poker in the USA

If you want to play real money online poker in the USA, finding good legal rooms to play at on the net is a major hurdle to clear. Before making a transaction from your bank and depositing those hard-earned savings, you can either consult a lawyer for guidance, scour the web and brush up not only on your own state's laws but also federal ones that govern the entire USA, or better still, let us do the hard work for you.

So, you've found out how and where you can play online poker legally. What now? Well, the next step is to find a US-friendly legal site that has plenty of traffic and a range of good games. It's great to be able to play poker online for real money, but it's even better to play online against a healthy pool of fish all ready to lose their cash to you.

UIGEA - Why Does it Affect Processors and Not Players?

After the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act was forced through in 2006, the "risk" of playing online poker has fallen on the payment processors used to deposit funds on a site, and the sites themselves - but never the players. To date, not one US player has been prosecuted for playing online poker. Thanks to UIGEA, some payment processors have been shut down and figures involved arrested. But that doesn't mean your cash can't find its way onto an online poker site. As long as you can get our funds into your poker account, you can play poker. Luckily, there are still ways to do this - it may just take a little jumping through hoops.

Keeping Track of Your Funds

FundsIf you decide to play some poker online, be smart and take a few extra steps to keep yourself and your bank account safe. Whatever your game, being a smart consumer is always a wise move.

Whenever you wire funds, or receive a deposit, make sure you stay on top of the transaction and work with the poker site's customer service representative assigned to the transaction. This is to make sure your cash is deposited appropriately. Often, these transactions can be cancelled for unknown reasons with no indication from the bank or the poker site (they get no notification to begin with) that your transaction was cancelled. Keeping a close eye on your bank account is a smart way to mitigate this risk.

Another smart move is to open up a dedicated account that is strictly for your bankroll. We all know the risks of co-mingling funds if anything were to happen - bank accounts have been frozen before - and you wouldn't want it to get in the way of paying your bills.

We Choose Only the Top Poker Sites

The smartest move a real money poker player in the United States can make at this point is to just stick with the top sites we pick in our guide. Our team of experts extensively test and evaluate all rooms accepting players in the USA and within our ratings we compare and rank them so you are completely 100% clear before getting out your wallet. We examine ease of making deposits and withdrawals, the level of customer service, software, and level of traffic . Use your bankroll wisely and start winning today.