Western Union Online Poker in the USA

Western Union Western Union online poker deposits are among the most reliable possible for US based poker players.

Why? Online poker sites accepting Western Union deposits offer a near instant approval process, with funds typically credited into accounts within the hour. While the legal climate for payment processors in the USA has been grim of late, this deposit method has not had specific problems itself over the past few years.

On this page, we'll take a look at how US based poker players are using Western Union in 2018 to deposit funds from their bank or savings account at poker websites. We will also look at the advantages and disadvantages of using "WU", as well as how our team of experts here at USLegalPokerSites.com has found some great online rooms that accept this easy to use financial transaction method.

How Do I Use The Service?

Western Union - Howtouse For American online poker players, making a real money online Western Union poker deposit to your poker account is easy as leaving your house and walking a few blocks to your nearest WU outlet. Typically, a Western Union outlet will be in your neighborhood, either at a liquor store, convenience store or payday loan processing establishment. A quick search online at the Western Union website will reveal options for making a deposit in person.

As soon as you have found a WU location, US players will need to get the proper information from a poker site to initiate a Western Union online poker deposit. While it might seem a little complicated at first, after going through it for the first time you will see that it's actually quite easy to do.

First, simply log onto your poker site and initiate a deposit by navigating over to the Cashier. From there, click on the Western Union logo. At this point, players will be presented instructions for their deposit. The online poker site will often give the name of an individual and the country they are in to send the money to. Write this information down, go to your WU location and bring the currency necessary to make it happen. By the time you get back home, you'll most likely see the funds in your Internet account. You might need to enter in a confirmation code as part of the process, but this may not be necessary depending on the site.

Sounds Simple - Anything Else?

Players should be aware that identity verification will be a part of the process when signing up online poker sites accepting Western Union. Typically, a poker site will require a copy of identification sent in to make sure that the person initiating the transaction is the same one that will be playing poker at their site. If you are asked to provide a copy of your ID, know that this is normal behavior by the poker site.

The main advantages of using online poker sites accepting Western Union is that it's very convenient and that it's the most reliable method of making a deposit. In fact, a Western Union online poker deposit is the most recommended means of funding an online poker account by most pros. Another advantage is that Western Union is simply a transfer service, and not a payment processor. Therefore, they do not operate under the legal threats posed by the UIGEA.

Look Out For WU Fees And Make Big Deposits

The main disadvantage to using this method is the fees they associate to any cash transfer. There is typically a flat fee to anything Western Union does, so US poker players are encouraged to not make frequent micro-transactions. Instead, stick to making one large deposit, perhaps every month, to minimize the impact fees will have on your bankroll.

We Find the Best Western Union Online Poker Rooms

Western Union - Bestlega At USLegalPokerSites.com our team of experts have compiled their reviews based on plenty of criteria, and some of the top rooms on the net offer Western Union as a credible real money bank payment option. Not only that but our site comparisons find the best places for online poker, sites with superb customer service, top games, and attractive welcome bonuses.

Whatever your payment method, make sure you choose an online poker room correctly. Our opinions count because we are poker fanatics just like you. Follow our links and start winning more cash today.