Best Mac Online Poker Sites

Mac SitesApple has done a magnificent job with their line of Mac computers. Whether you own an iMac, Mac Mini or even a slick MacBook Pro, the quality of Apple's hardware, matched with the unparalleled OS X operating system, makes for the best possible computer experience around.

With the popularity of Mac computers increasing worldwide, being led by a rabid fan-base in the United States, online poker rooms have taken notice and are beginning to offer both native OS X software clients and browser-based no download options to American online poker players.

Macintosh support by poker rooms is the latest indicator that the gaming industry does recognize the popularity of the OSX computer system. For Mac owners wanting to legally play poker online within the USA, the situation couldn't be better. And we haven't even considered the recent legal developments in Nevada and New Jersey.

On this page we will break down:

  • The popularity of Mac continuing to increase and how poker sites are supporting native OS X software
  • How popular Mac compatible websites are in the United States
  • Answer frequently asked questions from players that log in from an Apple computer
  • How we found the best legit Mac compatible poker sites for players in the US

How The Mac Made Online Poker Sit Up and Take Notice

noticeTen years ago in the online poker industry, the number of Mac users couldn't have been more than 3-5% of the total player population pool. Today that number has at least tripled, if not more, according to market and industry reports. This means many more Americans playing poker online needing to hunt down Mac compatible poker rooms so that they can play natively on their OS X computer system. The growing Mac-owning pool of players has triggered a response from the industry, who have begun to develop their poker software to run on a Macintosh.

No Download? No Problem!

Unfortunately, not all sites run totally legit versions of their software for Mac systems. While the most popular places to play tend to have downloadable clients for Apple computers, others only offer a "no download" option which means that the software is typically run by Java or Flash within a modern web browser. For many USA players this can be a deal-breaker, especially if hand histories are not supported in that version. As time goes by, however, and more players purchase Apple computers, all poker sites that cater to USA players will eventually release OS X versions of their software.

Legal Mac Poker Sites - Essential FAQs

Legal Mac Q. If I play at a poker site using a Mac software client, will I only be playing against other Mac players at that poker room?

A. No! You will be playing against the entire poker room and not just a fraction of it. The poker room itself is agnostic toward what operating system a client is on when making a connection to the pool. From the poker room's perspective, it's just another means of dialing in to the system.

Q. With a Mac can I get access to all the same poker rooms as PC players?

A. Yes and no. If you decide to stay in your native OS X operating system, you will only be able to play at poker rooms that offer a legit Mac client or a "no download" option. If the poker site you want to play at does not have either option, you can always install Boot Camp to dual boot to a Windows operating system and play at the site via that operating system.

Q. Which sites offer a native software client for my Apple computer?

A. For all of the recommended sites in our guide, be sure to check our comprehensive breakdown to see what types of options they have for you. Our opinions are respected across the industry!

We Find the Best Mac Real Money Poker Sites in the USA

Americans looking to get into the world Mac online poker are encouraged to examine our pages of reviews and take a look at our list of recommended sites. has a team dedicated to test and compare each and every poker room that welcomes players from the United States. Our comparisons list mean that only the safest, most reliable and exciting rooms make the cut. Just as with a top PC site, a great Mac site will have a good range of games, reliable withdrawals and deposits, and the best customer support 24/7. Sign up for a poker site listed among our recommended links today.