The Most Popular Legal US Poker Sites

What makes a popular online poker room?

Most PopularIt's an interesting question, and there's no one answer. But let's try and nail it.

The most popular online poker sites for Americans are ones that offer fast payments to their US players, have great customer service, kick-ass software, tons of traffic, and consistently deliver a premium poker experience. There, that was easy, wasn't it?

The good news is that in today's legal climate in the USA, the waters are a lot less murky than they were two years ago. Most legal experts have weighed in to say that the government can legally attack payment processors. However, the fact remains that no individual player has ever been targeted for prosecution. This has led to the rise of new, legit top rated poker rooms actively fighting it out to see who can draw in the most poker fanatics.

When determining which sites offering USA poker online will be the most popular, you might assume that whoever has the most traffic would win. But the online poker site in the United States that has the highest traffic could potentially have terrible customer service and a bad withdrawal fulfillment history. Therefore, even though a particular USA poker room might have the best player pools, it might not necessarily be considered the most popular.

As new sites start to emerge in the USA, let's examine:

  • Which rooms are actually the most popular, not just have the most traffic
  • If there are big, top rated American poker sites left
  • If the best sites are popular during peak hours
  • If big European sites allow players in the USA to legally join
  • How our team found the best sites

Which Rooms are the Most Popular?

In the United States the poker climate is extremely volatile. Players are fickle and quick to change allegiances if a site suddenly becomes unresponsive to fulfilling deposit and withdrawal requests. That's why at, we do not actively cement one site as being the most popular over all others. Instead, we continuously compare, test and monitor each of our top rated poker sites to determine who offers the highest traffic and is able to satisfy all the demands of our loyal readers who play there.

To determine which poker rooms are best, always check with the ratings we have provided within our top reviews here within these pages. Our guide is updated daily based on many comparisons that we rate our websites on.

Are There Any Big American Poker Sites Left?

Big SitesRight now, none of the most popular sites offering the highest traffic numbers in the United States rank highly when compared to global numbers. The glory days of the mega-sites filled to the brim with US customers are gone - temporarily - because of the current legal situation. Nevertheless, there are plenty of places that offer a good selection of poker games with thousands of players logging in on the net during peak hours.

Each of our recommended rooms that offer poker online is listed with their peak hour web traffic numbers so you know which top rated site offers the most traffic at any one time. Remember, that's not the only factor to judge an Internet poker room on, but being able to play at a site that might have the highest traffic possible is definitely a plus.

Are Big Sites Popular During Peak Hours?

Most regulars would agree that peak hour traffic is legit for both cash games and tournaments. Whenever a top rated room offers traffic with a few thousand players logged in simultaneously, there are great games to hop into at all stakes. Peak hour games are the most popular for a reason - it's when all the fish come out on the internet to play at an hour they are free, typically after the work day. That brings out all the sharks, and nothing draws a a crowd.

Do Big Euro Sites Allow USA Players?

Typically, big European poker establishments do not allow players from America to join in the Texas Hold'em fun. Therefore, we've taken all the guesswork out of wondering who allows US players by listing the top companies that cater to card game players this side of The Pond. The most popular ones listed in our guide of recommended rooms have great games and amazing promotions, so don't feel left out just because a snobby Euro site refuses your business.

How Our Team Found the Best Sites

The staff at are die-hard rounders that know what it takes for an online poker room to become the most popular. We understand that it's more than looking at who offers the most traffic. We dive into each online poker room and rate them on dozens of different criteria, and then only list the best rooms to play on. That way, our readership is assured of an amazing poker experience online and doesn't have to worry about shady operators. Stick to our recommendations, and you will know the most popular places to play on at a moment's notice.