The Best US Poker Sites For Fast Payouts

Fast PayoutsWithout a doubt, the #1 concern for any US regular who plays online poker is getting fast payouts.

After all, there is nothing worse than waiting for a financial payout to happen when it is past the expected deposit date. It is even worse when you've paid extra fees or contacted a customer service representative and got no help.

Certainly players have to consider that the legal climate for payment processors is simply not what it used to be ten years ago. However, with realigned expectations, and by sticking to reputable sites, players in the United States can still get fast payouts for their funds.

For quick, legit withdrawals to your bank account when playing poker online, there are very important considerations for all American players:

  • Payout issues for USA poker players
  • How the law affected quick payouts
  • How we found the best places that offer fast payouts
  • What are considered fast payouts for United States players?

Payout Issues for Players in America

Prior to the UIGEA, fast payouts directly to a bank account or money intermediary was the norm. After the UIGEA, when some payment processors and banks turned their backs on online poker, fast payouts where very far from the norm. After Black Friday in 2011, however, many players' funds vanished altogether. With the US Justice Department seizing funds and shutting down major poker sites, players in the US were left having to claim their money directly from the DoJ.

From a legal perspective the USA government acted under the auspices of the Federal Wire Act to legally make their claim to freeze bank accounts earmarked for player funds. While some American poker players have had their cash returned, many are still waiting.

Life After Black Friday - A Bright Future For Fast Payouts?

Fortunately, since Black Friday, the situation has gotten a little better. With regulation - both on a state and federal level - speeding ahead, fast payouts for US players should return to normal in the future. You may have to wait a long time for your money in 2018, but the situation is getting better. The question you have to ask yourself is - is waiting three to four weeks acceptable?

How the UIGEA Affected Quick Payments

When UIGEA was introduced in 2006, it effectively removed eWallets from operating in the online poker industry. Many players in the United States were fond of using eWallet companies, such as Click2Pay and Neteller, to facilitate deposits and withdrawals for fast payouts. More traditional banking establishments also began to take a more cautious approach to online poker transactions. In the years following UIGEA, it just became much harder to get money in - and out - of a US-friendly site at all.

What We Consider to be a Fast Payout

At this point in time a fast payout would be anything within the ballpark of 3-5 days. A quick payout would be anywhere between 1-2 weeks and in some cases up to three. Happiness in life is all about setting realistic expectations, and the reality for USA players is that lightning quick payments don't happen.

How We Found the Best Sites Offering Fast Payouts

best sitesThe good news is that fast payouts are still possible for online card game fanatics in the USA, whether their choice is Texas Hold'em, Omaha or Stud 8-or-Better. Our experts compare and review the top real money sites and test them for withdrawal times with their own money.

We wouldn't recommend a US legal site to you unless we had risked our own dollars on there, so you can completely trust our ratings. Our comparisons and opinions are valued and respected across the web so you know you're in good hands.

Follow the links within these pages today and start playing for real money on one of our great poker sites for US Players. You will be up and running in no time, safe in the knowledge that you can withdraw quickly and safely after taking down another monster pot.