What Makes A Great Legal US Poker Site?

Good Site When looking for a top legal US online poker site to join, there are a lot of factors to consider before getting out your wallet and depositing real money on one.

While there are plenty of rooms that give action to American players, they are not all built the same, and USA players are highly advised to do their research in order to find which one will suit them best.

On this page, we'll outline what makes for a great legal US poker site, how to find one that's good, how our reviews team at USLegalPokerSites.com compares and ranks sites to recommend, plus highlight the importance of finding a good poker site to play on.

Key Traits of a Great Poker Site

Good Site - Key Traits Here are some factors that are considered "must haves" in a legit US poker site. Use this list to rate poker sites that you are considering to visit in order to find a quality poker room on the net to join legally.

  • Does It Accept Players from the United States?
    If you are a Texas Hold'em player in the United States, the most important thing to look for is if the web poker room accepts players from the USA. If they do not, then there's no real point in investigating the room any further. While many of the big players in the industry no longer service players from the United States (although this may change VERY soon in light of legal victories in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey) there are plenty of great poker sites available to players in the United States in 2018.

  • Deposits - Key Traits Has It Got An Excellent Reputation for Processing Deposits and Withdrawals?
    Another huge factor to look for is the amount of time it will take to process a funds deposit and withdrawal from the site. If the website you are playing at cannot accept US currency deposits, or has a terrible reputation for cash payouts, you should not trust the site with your bankroll. Remember all of the sites we recommend have good financial records, with deposit and cash out turnaround times always listed alongside our top comparisons. We only highlight the places on the net with excellent track records.

  • Bonuses - Key Traits Does It Offer a Kick-Ass Deposit Bonus for New US Players?
    A real money welcome bonus is a perk that many online poker players in America look for but don't fully understand. Fish tend to be attracted to the dollar figure while not fully grasping what it takes to capture the bonus. Smart players will certainly look at the dollar amount but also look into the requirements to unlock the bonus. Make sure both are to your advantage. If a room is offering a massive 200% bonus up to $400 but takes months to release the funds to your bank, we will tell you.

  • Games you love - Key Traits Does It Run The Games You Love to Play?
    Some poker rooms are well known for their cash games while others excel in tournaments. Whatever card game you like, make sure you are going to join a site that offers the kind of games you want to play. This doesn't just go for the format but also for the type of poker game as well. All sites run No Limit Texas Hold'em games, but not all have regular Omaha games. If that's your game of choice, you'll want to know which sites run Omaha games consistently. Luckily, our ratings and comparisons in these pages include the best rooms for every type of game, saving you time and effort.

  • Pool of players - Key Traits Does My Sites Have a Strong Pool of Players?
    While a legal poker site for US players might offer you a great bonus and have a lot of good things going for it, if there are no players at the tables you're wasting your time. Make sure that during peak hours there are plenty of tables to choose from and that there's an acceptable amount of players logged in during off-peak hours too.

How Can I Find a Good US Legal Poker Site?

Finding a top site for Americans will not take a smart player long, especially if they use our bullet points above as a checklist. Our team's opinions are valued across the industry, so if we tell you a site sucks, you know who to avoid. Save time and money by following the links at USLegalPokerSites.com today to find a poker room that suits you best.

All of the rooms listed here come highly recommended and have been audited by our team. Our great US rooms have top software, amazing bonuses and plenty of games.

How We Found the Best Poker Sites

The team at USLegalPokerSites.com is a group of grinders that has years of experience in the industry. We are avid poker players, just like you, and we know what to look for in a site. Some sites do not consider encryption or identity protection as being important and put people's information at risk. Others use shady payment processors and have terrible track records paying out players. If you want a good, safe and secure site that covers all bases, you know where to look. Having all worked in the industry too, we get the inside scoop on the latest deals and promotions open to USA players online. Don't scour the Internet to find a great legal US poker site – use us instead.