Legal No Download US Poker Sites

No DownloadSites that offer a "No Download" option for play are ones that have a web version of their software available for players to load up within any modern web browser.

Instead of having to download an .exe file and install a software program on your computer, players can have a poker room load up in a browser with a simple click of the mouse. This no download option is becoming increasingly popular with USA players for online poker, particularly those using a Macintosh computer, thanks to widespread support for Flash as well as HTML5 technologies.

For most players that play poker online, this no download option will not be the preferred way to play. However, a no download option does offer the freedom to extend your legit poker experience while you are away from your regular computer, or if you are on a Mac. Luckily, our expert team has done some research.

We will review:

  • The definition of a no download site
  • The differences between a no download site and a regular online room
  • The safety of playing at a no download site in Flash or HTML5
  • The security settings needed for playing on a no download poker room
  • If no download online poker rooms are a good option

What is a No Download Poker Site? And Are They Legal?

Poker online is typically played as a downloaded client that is installed on a Windows or Apple Mac computer. Sites have traditionally operated this way, with an .exe file being installed and periodically updated via an auto-updater so a player's software client always has the latest and greatest version. It's a legit means of software operation, and one especially used by video games, to deliver software and keep it up to date.

The no download poker option is one that is completely loaded on-demand. Through the use of a plugin like Adobe Flash, poker rooms offer their sites inside a modern web browser like FireFox or Chrome. Typically, the experience in the lobby is extremely similar and even the on-table feel is remarkably close. It might be that browser-based poker players can't open as many tables, but generally speaking there isn't much of a difference.

For Internet poker players in the United States, the fact that the site is opened in a web browser or downloaded locally does not change any legal bearing to players. Legally speaking, the US laws have been interpreted such that payment processors are being targeted, not individual poker players themselves.

Is it Safe to Play Online Poker Via a Web Browser?

So long as the Internet poker room has a trusted SSL certificate installed, playing within a web browser is perfectly safe. Always look for the "https" in the URL bar and even check the security certificate by clicking on the Lock icon to view where it was purchased. If it is from a well-known and trusted SSL cert authority, it'll load up in your web browser by default, making all the poker rooms that employ this security feature totally safe to play on.

What Security Settings Should I Use?

security settingsFirst, always make sure you have the absolute latest edition of both your preferred web browser and all its plugins, including Flash. For FireFox and Chrome users, this can be done totally automatically in the background making the process completely seamless. Users legally agree to auto-update their software when they check the terms and conditions and opt-in for auto-updates when installing either browser.

If you are playing on a foreign computer or on a network that you are not familiar with, take the necessary precautions to make sure both the computer and network you are on are secure. If not, you might open the door to a hacker peeking into your session and stealing your login and password information.

Are No Download Rooms a Good Option?

If poker websites only offered a no download option that played in Flash then the answer would probably be "not really" because there are some limitations. Players can't use a hand history tracking utility (or the HUD) with no download rooms on the net - a big minus for many serious grinders. The truth is, playing at these poker rooms is easy and can be an awesome way to get in extra hands in if you find yourself away from your regular computer system.

We Find the Best No Download US Poker Sites

If you are looking for the best legal no download poker solution in the USA, explore our expert guide and ratings today. We test and compare all the sites for US Texas Hold'em players to give you the best choices for legal poker online. Within these pages you will find the top no download rooms for software, great card game variants and a safe environment for American poker fans. Our opinions count, so don't delay!