Top US Legal Online Casinos

Best USWhile poker games are a lot of fun, putting in lots of hours can be a grind. Many poker players, who understand odds extremely well, look to table games as a means of unwinding from the grind of poker. Playing at an online casino allows them to get in some action in as a way of mixing things up. While most players know the odds are not as good as playing poker, there are plenty of fun casino games that players can enjoy and potentially run a hot streak into a lot of money. In some states, playing at an online casino is completely legal, such as in Las Vegas, Nevada, but all players are encouraged to check with their local state's laws regarding online gaming. On this page we'll take a look at why players should play casino games, the advantages online casinos offer and how our staff has found the best online casino sites for you to play on.

Why Play Online Casino Games?

As we all know, playing poker against a bunch of fish are the best odds any good poker player will ever see in a casino, but grinding day in and day out can become a bore. In a live poker room, players will often change things up if they find their mind wandering due to boredom and head to the gaming floor to play some craps, blackjack or even slot machines. It's widely accepted that some games offer pretty good odds if a player is using the right strategy. Poker players are, by and far, the smartest people in a casino, so when they play casino gambling games they tend to be good due to their analytical skills and understanding of odds. Fortunately for poker players, many American sites on the web also double as online casinos.

While poker might be your bread and butter, don't discount casino games before you've tried them. A lot of players use them as a fun distraction between sessions or just as a means of recreation. After all, casinos are all about entertainment, and casino betting games are entertaining to play. Being able to mix it up will make you fresher at the poker tables and if you go on a hot streak at a casino table, you could take those winnings and take a stab at some great higher stakes games.

Casinos online offer plenty of action, a wide variety of games and lucrative bonuses for joining. If your poker room of choice does not have an option for real money gambling games, there are plenty of options available. Players in the USA have many online casinos to choose from, many of which are featured here. By choosing one of the top sites we've recommended, players in the US are making sure they are at a reputable site that offers quality top real money games. Remember that not every online casino available to players in America is the same, so stick to our list of top gambling sites.

The Advantages of Online Casinos

AdvantagesPlaying at a casino online has a lot of advantages over playing at a live casino. First, the limits of the table games and slots are much lower at online casinos than they are at your local casino. For example, at most decent casinos on the Las Vegas strip, the minimum bet amount at a blackjack table will be $10 or $15, and often as much as $20. When you play at an online casino, the minimum could be as low as a dime or quarter.

Second, every online casino that offers real money action in games like roulette or craps will offer a lucrative bonus for all new players. These bonuses tend to be large amounts of money and can be unlocked through regular play. Bonuses usually are a few hundred dollars minimum, with some bonuses occasionally hitting four figures. Players that try to walk into a Vegas casino to play card games or some 21 and ask for a "new player cash bonus" might be handed a coupon book for a free pack of used cards, if they are lucky. Due to the low overhead of casinos online, they are more than happy to offer bonuses to USA players.

Another huge advantage of playing online is the variety of games offered at an online casino. Just about every single casino online will offer hundreds of different betting games to players, many of which offer incredibly favorable odds. Most of the time at a regular casino, they will offer blackjack (only one form), craps (using a deck of cards) and slots. That's a stark contrast to what you will find at a legal US online casino.

How We Found the Best US Online Casinos

Our staff at has gone through and rated every single legit US poker site available to US players. But, we did not stop there! In fact, the good news is that we also went through and rated every single American online casino offering action to players in the United States too in order to find you the very best places for gaming.

We compare, test and compile ratings on all casinos online based on the quality of their bonuses, the variety of games they offer to players, their customer service record and the smoothness of their software. Only after making our comparisons and formulating our opinions are we able to list the very best on these pages.

By playing at one of our highlighted online casinos legally, you will ensure yourself the best possible gambling experience online. Whether your game is bingo, slots, or blackjack, follow one of our links and get playing on the Internet today. Sign up now and get the latest bonuses!