The Best Legal US Online Poker for iPad

iPad PokerIf you are a Texas Hold'em player that owns an Apple device and looking to play in real money online poker games in the United States, there is no solution native to the iOS platform that will work. Apple maintains the stance that they will not allow any app to appear within their App Store that offers real money poker.

Fortunately, we know a few tricks that work just fine on any Apple device if you want to get around this restriction and play iPad poker online at any of the legit poker sites that cater to Americans. In some states, the game of Hold'em and other poker variants are legal to play online. In others, it's not explicitly illegal as only payment processors have been attacked and to date, no individual poker player has been targeted. For many, it's a matter of figuring out a way to get around the legally enforced terms and condition Apple places on iPad poker players.

At, we test, compare, and review the top iPad poker rooms available to players in the USA for our expert guide. We will review:

  • Critical changes in Apple iPad technology
  • Explain how poker can be lots of fun on an iPad
  • Advantages Apple products have for poker players
  • Disadvantages that Apple products present when trying to play online poker
  • How to log into the best rooms with an Apple product to play poker online, even if there is no app available

Critical Updates for Apple Products Allow Greater Capabilities

When Apple introduced retina-display technology, it changed the landscape of what developers and users could do with the device. No longer stuck with an archaically small resolution, the high definition world meant more pixels were available for any app. The iPhone, iPad, and iPod where then better equipped to handle online poker sites for Americans, and in fact outperformed most low and mid-level laptops. The last critical update to Apple hardware was the incorporation of both 802.11n and LTE technologies that allow for ridiculously sick online speeds, meaning a lag-free experience.

How Poker Can Be Awesome on an iPad

For a poker session to be considered legit, a rounder should be able to sit down and put in a solid session in the USA without worrying about lag, poor controls or mis-clicks. For all the reasons stated in the previous section, Apple's iPad is perfectly suited for poker online, more so than the iPhone. Thanks to a much larger screen size, it is easier for iPad gamers in the United States to interface with a poker software client. If the controls are reliable and there's no lag, there is little doubt that poker rooms can be enjoyed on a tablet made by Apple.

Advantages Apple iPad Has for Poker Players

AdvantagesFor the iPad, the interface is amazing, the form factor is chic, and the performance of the product is outstanding. Being able to get away from a good session on the computer and put in card game hands on the couch might not seem like an optimal setup, but it might represent a nice change of pace instead of taking a break to play video games.

While the legal climate has Apple scared to offer real money poker games in their App Store from top poker rooms, legally there is nothing they can do about screen-sharing applications that allow a user to control their home computer from a tablet. More on this soon!

Disadvantages of the iPad for US Poker Players

While the Internet poker experience is pretty sweet on an iPad, some might be frustrated with some of the limitations an iOS Apple device might present. The biggest challenge will be adapting to an online poker session that forces players to only play at one table at a time, if played within an app. However, this limitation is removed in our solution below. Nevertheless, the main disadvantage is that Apple doesn't allow for native apps from web poker sites, and there's nothing that will change that stance until new legislation is passed in America. Also, if the Internet connection is poor, the lag will represent a huge obstacle to players.

Our Nasty Little Secret for Playing Poker on an iPad

There is a way, despite the roadblocks Apple might put up, to play poker online with an iPad. First, you'll need to look at various screen-sharing utilities in the App Store that allow for you to take control of a remote system. Some programs that are popular include Splashtop and TeamViewer. Occasionally you will find one, like Splashtop, that requires a $2 monthly subscription to operate, but in exchange for that subscription it offers a premium streaming experience. If set up properly, the iPad can dial into your home computer, take control, and fire up the tables. Assuming the bandwidth is good, the iPad will easily display your remote desktop right at the tips of your fingers, allowing you to log in and get poker sessions in, right from your trusty Apple tablet. You can even have your favorite hand history tracking utility running at the same time!

So, Where Do I Play iPad Poker Online?

Thanks to our little secret, you can pretty much play at any legal site you want to on an iPad. The rule of thumb is to consider our expert opinions and stick to any of the great poker websites recommended within the pages here at Our team has made painstaking comparisons and reviews of all the poker rooms you will want to enjoy on an Apple device. So, if you're an iPad owner in the United States looking for a poker room, check out our links and find the places Americans are calling their poker home in 2018.