New Legal Poker Sites in 2018 in the United States

NewWhen a market has a fundamental change, it creates an opportunity for new companies to penetrate the industry, and even unseat established leaders.

In light of the UIGEA and Black Friday, the online poker industry has seen its fair share of fundamental changes in the United States. All of the major poker sites found themselves swept away due to the DoJ - and time - catching up with them. When those mega-sites were no longer allowed to take players from the USA, and forced to refund online players, it created new opportunities for poker online.

The good news is that in 2018, players in some USA states that have new online poker laws in place can play legally at brand new rooms.

Many players are asking if new sites in the United States are actually legit and if some of the latest headlines being made by lawmakers will lead to regulations that make poker online a safe activity for Americans. On this page we are going to examine:

  • The advent of new, legal poker sites for players in the United States
  • How a new poker site can be a good place to play
  • Knowing if you can trust new poker rooms
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the latest poker sites
  • How our experts have picked the best rooms to play on

Are New Sites Legal, and Are They Actually Coming Online?

Trust newThe latest developments in the industry have seen legally safe and licensed rooms springing up in multiple states. Thanks to forward thinking lawmakers and citizens, the legal atmosphere is changing for the better for online poker. In 2018, there have been multiple new gaming companies springing up for business, giving American players more choices on where to play. The licensed rooms in Nevada - such as Ultimate Poker - and New Jersey are just in their infancy and do not have much traction on traffic just yet.

However, as time goes by and the law continues to improve, there will be more USA players at the tables - that is inevitable. Other new sites have opened in the last year or two and have really caught on fire with the online Texas Hold'em community. Most are operating in any state where the laws do not expressly forbid poker and it should be noted that the law surrounding UIGEA has been interpreted to attack payment processors, and not individual players.

How a New Site Can Be a Great Place to Play

In the USA there are plenty of new websites that can be awesome places to sit down and grind out some serious money. Some of the recommended rooms presented by our staff have only been in business a few years, but are backed by industry veterans that want to see poker succeed in the United States. These poker room operators bring industry experience, know-how, passion and great customer service to their new companies. They also look at the current climate in America as a business opportunity, which is a refreshing change when so many have gone running.

How to Know if You Can trust a New Legal US Poker Room

It is very hard to simply look at some pages on the web and determine definitively if a poker room can be trusted or not. While you might listen to forum chatter or social media discussions, without the help of unbiased industry insiders it's easy to get lost. The team here at is dedicated to vetting each and every poker operator that does business within USA borders. Our team is committed to bringing new information to you, be it the latest breaking news or recaps of major legal discussions during 2018.

Advantages and Disadvantages of New Sites

There are pluses and minuses when weighing up playing on a new poker site. Grinders tend to look at bonuses and VIP programs, while fish just look at the pretty graphics. The truth is, smart players will look at all the factors that make for a good site, such as customer service, speed of withdrawals and deposits, the size of the traffic, and the range of the card game options.

How Our Experts Compile Our Top Guide

At, we have a full time staff that plays themselves, so we understand what you want in a great US poker site. We review, test, and compare all the legal poker sites against a rigid criteria. If you want the best experience and the latest trends in poker sites, look no further than our guide here. Our opinions count, and in our ratings you'll find that we have taken out the guesswork involved in finding a new US site to play on.