Finding a Safe US Legal Poker Site

SafeIf there is one bit of advice any US online poker player will give you about finding legit sites, it's to always play at the one that is the safest.

Being able to log in to a secure poker client and not be afraid about your funds, personal information or any other security threat allows players to focus their energies on the thing that matters - making money legally at the card game tables. If you are a player that is not playing at the safest poker rooms in the United States, you are taking a huge risk with your bankroll and personal information.

There are sites in America that offer the safest and most secure means of connecting to their servers. Of course, there are steps outside of just picking the right poker room that players need to take to stay safe as well, such as only logging in from secure computers on the safest networks. There is no legal obligation from poker rooms to make sure your personal computer and network are safe. Poker sites are only focused on the security of their software client and connection. Therefore, there are questions all poker players should know the answer to:

  • Are US legal poker sites safe?
  • Where are poker rooms regulated?
  • Can poker sites be regulated in the United States?
  • How did we find the safest poker sites in the USA?
  • How important is safe poker at US poker sites?

Which Poker Sites are the Safest?

Any of the legit poker sites for American players featured within the pages of can be considered extremely safe. And we should know - our team of experts has already gone through and audited the top rooms in our guide. In our reviews we compare the various security technologies that go into making poker software clients. We test and form ratings on each for stability and conformance to approved security standards. If you are going to play poker online, legally there are no specifics on what security measures any room should take to be the safest possible because the industry is not fully regulated. Because of this, it is vitally important to seek out recommended Internet sites that can be trusted.

So, Where Are US Poker Rooms Regulated?

regulatedAll of the online poker rooms recommended by our team have gone through testing to ensure that they are secure for US players. Although our tests are comprehensive to determine which are the safest, all of our sites are also regulated by various international jurisdictions.

Companies that offer poker online are legally subject to the rules and regulations regarding secure operations in their software clients within the country they operate from. Be it in North America or Europe, we ensure that each site on the web recommended via our links adheres to the standards of the regulations their respective countries have, as well as make sure they hold all appropriate licenses for business. This guarantees the safest possible poker experience for players logging in from the USA.

Can Poker Sites Be Regulated Within the United States?

This is the debate currently raging within the circles of Congress in 2018. In states like Nevada and New Jersey, that question has been answered with a firm 'yes', because their legal framework allows for operators to be licensed and regulated. Other states have made the actual playing of poker online illegal - such as in Washington - with no debate about regulation on the table. At the end of the day, there has been no legal action ever taken against an individual online poker player in the United States.

Is Safety Important in the US?

Safety should be top of every poker player's list when trying to figure out where to play. How could a poker site on the net possibly be considered legit if it fails a security audit? If a player's connection or poker client is not safe, neither is their bankroll or any of the very sensitive personal information that goes into it. There is no doubt that safety is the number one most important feature of any online poker site.

How We Found the Safest Online Poker Sites in America

Part of the vetting process at is to audit each software client. While we test and rate customer service, bonuses offered, and traffic as criteria to determine the best real money sites, nothing is more important than making sure the site is the safest it can be. We know the most secure places to play Texas Hold'em online and present them to you. Study our list of top comparisons and read our expert opinions, then make a decision for yourself. After all, it's your hard-earned funds at stake!