Legal US Online Poker Sites With the Most Fish

most fishThe age old question for any online poker player, be they in the United States or anywhere else in the world, is where to find the most fish.

One of Sun Tzu's philosophies in The Art of War encourages commanders to, "avoid strength and attack weakness," which is just how most online Texas Hold'em grinders make their living.

Wise US poker players take on the easy prey, known as fish, and avoid the better players, known as sharks. Once the grinders log in to play poker online, their goal is to find legal USA poker rooms with the most fish and then sit down at any easy looking table to maximize their potential earnings.

In order to find easy and legit games in the USA, players will have to log download the right poker clients. Fortunately, our guide does the hard work for you.

  • Why it's awesome to look for the most fish possible
  • Great ways to find easy games that have the most fish
  • How poker sites specifically market to fish
  • Which legal sites in the USA have plenty of fish

What is a Fish?

Simply, the definition of a fish is someone who is the worst poker player at a table and doesn't stand a chance of keeping their money.

It's the classic poker cliche that if you don't know who the sucker is at the table, you are the sucker. Fortunately, even to American newcomers to online poker, it's very easy to spot the fish. For anyone that has logged in to legal websites more than a few times, they can attest that grinders can easily spot most fish a mile away. How? Because they will do things like make erratic betting amounts, fold or call too much in bad spots, and rage chat in the chatbox telling you how drunk they are.

It is your solemn duty as a legit poker player to exploit these people and take their money at all times.

Why It's Awesome to Look For the Most Fish Possible

If you are a player logging in that decides to play online poker on the net, the easy money will always be at the tables that have the most fish. There are always grinders in America that brag in forums that they sit at reg-infested tables (ones with all the sharks) because it's better for them long term to beat the regs. This type of thinking does have some merit, but at the end of the day we're all playing poker to make money, not improve our self-esteem. Looking for the most fish at any of the legal rooms available in the Internet is a +EV move every time.

Great Ways to Find Easy Poker Games Sporting the Most Fish

There are a lot of different ways to find the best tables to play at during a session. First, you will want to take diligent notes on players that reek of bad play. Mark them as fish, and at most lobbies their fish icon will appear, making it easy for you to spot them. If you see more than a couple of fish at a table, that's one you should be sitting down at immediately. Other methods, such as using a table scanner utility (often inside of hand history tracking tools) can be very helpful finding good tables and do not violate any legal agreement with a web poker room.

How Online Poker Sites Market to Fish

EzsiestAttracting the most fish to make any card game easy to win for the regulars is one of the prime directives of a legal US poker site. Many of the advertisements, bonus offers and other marketing efforts are typically marketed directly to fish. Look out for new sites also that are starting to be launched in the USA, as fish will often be attracted to these latest ventures. They may offer lots of lower stakes games to draw in the casual poker player - that's your cue to pounce.

Players in the United States are specifically easy to market to with the promise of huge potential paydays, cool graphics, and fun games. Legally speaking, advertising on television isn't against the law but many sites promote poker online via magazine advertisements and online banner ads. Keep an eye on the news for brand new online poker sites as they emerge in 2018.

Do Legal Poker Sites in the USA Have Fish?

Anyone that has followed the online poker industry for any number of years knows that the most fish reside in the USA. In our top guide, we compare and test every site open to US players to see where the most fish are. We also make sure the regulars like software, range of games, bonuses, security and customer support are excellent. So, study these pages, follow our links, and find the best places to beat on the fish. Our opinions and reviews are unrivaled. Take advantage today.